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TSG specializes in private securities transactions including issuing Convertible Debt, Regulation D financing, and Private Equity and Venture Capital transactions.  Our approach is to thoroughly understand a company's business and objectives so that we can better and more effectively advise our clients through securities offerings and investment opportunities.


  • '33,'34 & '40 Act Compliance

  • Blue-Sky Laws

  • Cap Table Clean Up

  • Common Stock

  • Convertible Notes

  • Derivatives Regulation

  • Dodd-Frank Regulation

  • EMIR Regulation

  • Fundraising Strategies

  • IRC 83(b) Elections

  • Phantom Stock

  • Preferred Equity

  • Private Equity Financing

  • Regulation D Offerings

  • Restricted Stock

  • Stock Grants & Options

  • Venture Capital Financing

  • Warrants

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